Now Accepting Applications for Wedded, Bedded Bliss Coaching Sessions!

So you're engaged or just married now what?
You have just experienced a major change in your life and for your relationship and plenty of people will offer advice on wedding planning, your finances, keeping your partner "happy", and growing a family, but what about making sure that you have a fulfilling and pleasurable married sex life? Where is that advice. For many of us we do not have the tools to create the perfect sex life that we envision, but that doesn't mean we can't have them. Wedded, Bedded Bliss can help you take your vision of your married relationship and turn it into a reality.

Wedded, Bedded Bliss is a custom curated program led by Javay da BAE. This is for couples looking to enhance their sexual relationship, begin their sexual relationship, or strengthen their communication skills for their sexual relationship. You can choose between a 3-month, 6-month, or 9-month program with 1:1 sessions every month.

What does each program include?
Each program option comes with an intake consultation, bi-weekly sessions (2 session a month), weekly journal prompts for introspection and reflection, one couple activity a month to cultivate/enhance intimacy, and continuous email support throughout your entire program.

What are some themes and topics that are covered during the program?

  • Self Discovery
  • Communication with you partner
  • Getting out of sexual ruts
  • Exploring fantasies
  • Conflict resolution in and out of the bedroom
  • Sex ed for marriage
  • Tools for your sex toolbox


Should I do the sessions by myself or with my partner?
Couples sessions are ideal for couples that have not been sexual active together; couples that want to better their communication skills; couples that would like guidance in fulfilling their desires; couples who feel like they haven't ignited their flame of passion to maximum yet. 

Solo sessions are ideal for someone doesn't feel confident in using their voice or expressing themselves sexually to their partner; someone who doesn't feel they received sex ed to be confident in their sexual relationship; someone that wants to discover more of their self sexually before marriage.


Why should I work with you?
My background as a sex educator started with me working with couples in sex shops looking to spice up their sex life. I continued on to get my masters degree which gave me better training in being trauma informed and understanding the complexities of relationships. I know how to navigate all the different experiences and views that people bring to their relationships and how to navigate them to get the desired relationship. All of my professional and personal experiences give me the understanding and perspective to work with any and all types of relationships. 

3-month programming
solo sessions: $525 | couple sessions: $675
6-month programming
solo sessions: $825 | couple sessions: $950

9-month programming
solo sessions: $1000 | couple sessions: $1100

You can apply for to work with me HERE.