Going Down Like a Pro: Olympic Level Oral Skills

Do you want to answer the question "what that mouth do" with some serious confidence? I can help you with that!




$15.00 – $35.00 per person



About this experience

Have you been feeling like your oral skills aren't up to snuff (or muff πŸ˜‰)? Well, then this workshop can help with that. In this workshop you will learn how to stimulate different parts of the body with your mouth to ensure divine waves of pleasure for your partner.

There is an interactive component available where you can get your own toys of each of the body parts or just one (anus, penis, vulva) to practice as I am teaching or to save and practice on when you get home!

This workshop will happen live in NYC and is only open to individuals 18+.

Your Host

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Javay da BAE aka the Millennial Sexpert is a sex educator, pleasure professional, content creator, academic, and spicy accountant. She is currently working on her PhD in Human Sexuality.