What People Are Saying

"Javay is an extremely relatable knowledgeable sex educator. In a world where so much is misconstrued through media and society, it’s important to have a source of information you can rely on. I can and will continue to trust and learn from Javay."

-Shannon G.


"Javay is honest and raw yet so caring and thoughtful. she tells it like it is and sometimes that’s what we need to hear. She never judges you, makes you feel bad, and has answered every question I’ve ever had. Thank you Javay!"

-Mia B.


"I came to Javay to ask for a toy for solo use because being single in quarantine is a lot. I’m not super well versed in the different toys but she was able to ask all the right questions about what I like to feel to guide me in the right direction. When I tell you she nailed it... SHE. NAILED. IT. The toy I ended up with (The Satisfyer Pro 2) has changed my life and I’m suddenly fine with not leaving the house or seeing my sexual partners. She was also able to guide me in a way that felt so informative and very non judgmental. I will 100% be coming to Javay for all suggestions from here on out. She knows her shit!"

-Jen H.


"Being an older woman, I never focused on sexuality but just the act of sex. Speaking with Javay and reading her blogs and watching her YouTube channel, helped me understand my own sexuality and sensuality that I never knew was in me. She assisted in me understanding my own body better."

-Lynelle F.

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