Let's Talk About Sex: A Playbook for Better Communication

Do you struggle to talk about your wants, needs, and desires as they relate to sex and sexuality? I can help you develop your communication skills.


$15.00 per person


1h 30min

About this experience

The world has made sex a very hush, hush, taboo thing to talk about, which has hindered communication for many folks. This workshop will give you tools and tricks to get comfortable communicating about sex and sexual-related topics. Learn how to talk about all of the different pieces of a good sexual experience with others, including but not limited to safer sex practices, pleasure and what you enjoy in bed, what happens after, and how to end sexual relationships in a healthy, positive manner. If direct conversations are not your forte this workshop will help you to build confidence in that area while also giving tools on how to have the conversations in less direct ways. This workshop will meet you where you are with having these conversations and how to grow.

Your Host

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Javay da BAE aka The Millennial Sexpert is a sex educator, pleasure professional, and content creator focused on offering accessible, comprehensive, inclusive sex education for all.