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For many of us finding out we were a wizard and would be getting our own wand was the dream (friendly reminder J. K. Rowling is a terf so screw her), but for many of us it is not something that happened as it did in Harry Potter. But just because we aren’t Hogwarts or HAME U students doesn’t mean we can’t still own a wand, or better yet, multiple wands! So let’s talk about one of the most magical types of sex toys: WANDS.


What are wands?

Wands are external sex toys that vibrate and can be used to stimulate many parts of the body. The first wand was developed by Hitachi and released in 1968 and has since become a household name thanks to its original marketing as a body massager. The magic wand is now produced by Vibratex, but still has all the same power but now has 4 variations: the original, the rechargeable, the plus, and the mini. Since the creation of the wand multiple brands have developed their own wand from FemmeFunn to Fun Factory to Le Wand

The great thing about wands is that they way they are designed they have good reach to different parts of the body, making them great for massages and you don’t need someone else to help. They also allow for direct genital stimulation, but with how powerful you are you can actually use wands over top of clothes and still experience pleasure. 

Pros & Cons

As with all sex toys there are some pros and cons for wands.


  • Powerful
  • Deep vibrations and stimulation
  • Good length
  • Attachments allow for varied uses


  • Can be too large, especially during partnered activities
  • Depending on the one you have it may have to be plugged in for you
  • Not the easiest toy to travel with depending on size

Different Wand Options

If you are wanting to get yourself here is a short, non-exhaustive list of recommendations. 

For more info about wands be sure to check out this month's Toy Talk episode on YouTube.

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