Meditation for Pleasure: Attuning to Your Senses

Meditation for Pleasure: Attuning to Your Senses

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A 6-track EP of meditation tracks to help you get attuned with your senses to experience higher levels of pleasure. These tracks are perfect for people just getting started in meditation.

You can use the Meditation for Pleasure tracks before you engage in solo play, before partner play, or before/during any pleasurable activity you may be engaging in (inside and outside the bedroom).

If you are someone who gets anxious before sexual encounters, is distracted during sexual and pleasurable activities, is looking to be more mindful and intentional in life, struggle with listening to your body and what it likes, or just wants to start a meditation practice then Meditation for Pleasure is perfect for you.

Every part of your body is involved in sexual activity and that includes your senses. Attuning to Your Senses helps you to pay attention and connect to each of your senses separately so that you can have more awareness of them and what you actually enjoy and find pleasurable.