Why Sex Education Matters

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Sex has always been a hot topic within the human race. Whether it is being condemned, praised or used as a marketing ploy, it is always on the tip of someone’s tongue. But it’s just the tip of sex, it never delves into everything that sex encompasses. That is the biggest reason why I believe sex education is important for EVERYONE, and yes, I do mean everyone. Not just middle schoolers or people having their sexual debut, but elderly couples, the middle age, single mom getting back on the dating scene, the queer high schooler exploring their sexuality and everyone else in between.

Sex education is a continuous learning process that we all have to actively engage with. You don’t just learn where babies come from and stop learning. Though sex education is continuous our society has taught us to believe it is this static thing that we learn once and that’s the end of it. I am a sex educator because I know the importance of continually learning, especially about sex.

Sex education teaches children and youth about human bodies and what is happening with theirs. Sex education teaches adults about relationships; how to engage in relationships, properly and safely, what consensual, safe, healthy sexual activity is. Without sex education so many people don’t learn different red flags in relationships or how to navigate conversations about what they are or aren’t comfortable with. Sex education teaches parents how to have conversations about sex with their children and how best to prepare them for when they choose to engage in sexual activity. Sex education helps elderly people rethink how they want to engage in sexual activity.

Sex education is more than just what feels good. It is also learning the flaws in our history and how bodies were manipulated, controlled, and abused to make society what it is today. Sex education is social justice. Sex education is liberation. Sex education is power. I believe in the importance of sex education because everyone should feel powerful, and everyone should know how powerful they truly are!

If you are interested in hearing more about why this work is the work I choose to do check out this video!

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