Not Everyone Masturbates, and That's Okay!

Posted by Javay Frye-Nekrasova on

Today is the start of Masturbation May and we all know how much I love it, but this month can put pressure on people who do not masturbate and we all know that isn't the sex-positive sex education I am about here at the Millennial Sexpert. So we are gonna chat about why some people don’t masturbate to help normalize it and hopefully ease some of the pressure they may be feeling this month.

Masturbation is a personal choice that some people did before and no longer do or may have never tried before. Everyone interacts with their sexuality in many ways. For some people, there is an external reason that they don’t masturbate such as shame that has been internalized from outside sources, be it family, schooling, or religion. Other people have never tried it before because it has never interested them. 

Regardless of the reason why people choose not to masturbate it is their choice and this is just a reminder that it is a valid choice. It doesn’t make you weird, less than, any less sexual, or any less deserving of pleasure, love, and affection in your life. Despite the bombarding messages for Masturbation May, everyone is welcome to make their own choices around how they engage in sexual activity, who they do or do not engage with, and what they find pleasurable.

So here’s to everyone celebrating Masturbation May the best way for them!

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