Pleasure Outside the Bedroom

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It is very common for the word pleasure to be applied to sex related activities, but pleasure can be (and in my opinion should be) applied to every aspect of life. This week's episode of In Bed With a Millennial is all about pleasure outside of bedroom.

Do you know what brings you pleasure outside of the bedroom? If you struggle with naming pleasurable aspects let me help. We are going to focus on main areas that can be highly pleasurable: food, hobbies, and relaxation.

Have you ever seen the scene in Ratatouille where the food critic tries the dish and is transported back to his childhood? Eating something so tasty can be the easiest way to experience pleasure. So If you are ever wanting to find pleasure in food think of your favorite dish, the meal that you don't enjoy often, but when you do it makes you do a little dance and smile so big. So maybe add that into your schedule this week. Go grab an ice cream cone from the soft serve place near you, or splurge on that Indian restaurant that has the best Tikka Masala you've ever had, or stop by your mom's place for some homemade meatloaf, whatever it is that makes you do the happy dance.

What is your favorite hobby? When is the last time you got to enjoy and take pleasure in your hobby? It is so easy for life to distract us from hobbies that bring us pleasure. If reading is one of your favorite hobbies try trading on of your nightly binge episodes for a few pages of a new book or your favorite book. If your hobby is something that you do, try blocking time off for it in your calendar (on your phone or a physical planner). Intentionally making time for things makes us more likely to actually do it. 

Relaxation can be one of the pleasurable things we can do, but how often do you truly relax. Our society has engrained this idea or belief that if we are not working hard or being productive then we are doing something wrong, but that isn't true. Taking time to relax is not only important, but can be such an easy source of pleasure. So take some time to think about what relaxation is most pleasurable for you. And then the hard part is actually making the time for it. I am going to challenge you to stop working at the end of your work day and prep for your relaxing time. If you find bubble baths relaxing immediately draw that bath when you are done with work. If walks in nature are what you find relaxing, immediately head outside while the sun is still up and take that walk. 

Whatever your day to day looks like just tell yourself "I am going to do things MY WAY today and do something pleasurable" and do it. Life is too short for us not to find pleasure in the day to day and mundane moments. 

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